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Work with one of our Cincinnati personal trainers to become a healthier and better version of yourself. This is the mission of PT Plus.




Training Benefits

More often than not, Cincinnati residents are busy people, so finding time for exercise can be challenging when dealing with the other various obligations and stresses of life. Cincinnati fitness enthusiasts who want to work out at home or on their own time can also find it challenging to develop an effective and efficient plan. 


This is where PT Plus comes in! PT Plus personal training is a great way to get in the best shape of your life. Our Cincinnati personal trainers will help you set realistic goals and create an individualized workout program for you that fits your schedule, lifestyle & fitness level. You'll never do the same workout twice, which means boredom or plateauing is never a problem!


With a personal trainer and one-on-one nutritional guidance, you may be shocked by the type of success you will begin to see.



Do you feel your physical, mental, and emotional fitness are at their best? If not, something in your diet may be causing problems. Our nutrition plan aims to educate you while also assisting you in returning to the path to success.


It's not easy to determine whether or not you're getting enough sleep, especially if you have trouble sleeping. It's vital to remember that no two people are the same. Sleep deprivation is a significant risk factor for both chronic and acute illnesses. 


Some food groups might harm your health and fitness without you even realizing it. So to help, we’ll provide a comprehensive diet and lifestyle evaluation to help you understand how food and drink impact your body composition, daily energy levels, and overall mental clarity.


What You Will Get:


  • Customized Meal Plan

  • Weekly Check-Ins

  • Access To Digital Food Log

  • Personal Nutrition Coach


PT Plus’s Story

Simply put, PT Plus’s mission is to help you “Change Your Life With Us.”

After clients visit our gym and speak with our staff, we want them to leave as a better version of themselves. It isn't the scientific calculation of calories, exercises, or weight that keeps them returning. It isn't the cutting-edge technology and equipment—it’s the people who matter most.

Our team is committed to assisting and encouraging each member in achieving their own objectives. Each of our members' goals is distinct, and if we can assist them in reaching those goals, we have really helped them change their life.



“Alexis uncovered a chronic problem with the way wrong muscles fired, resulting in my history of injuries. She accessed the “why,” and now I’m on a path of healing and strengthening to prevent future setbacks. Thanks, Alexis, for your innovative and traditional approach to treatment.”
-Anita A.

“Great personalized training. Josh takes pride in the facility and the trainers at PT Plus. Highly recommend for any level of fitness goals.”
-Jon U. 

“Sarah Buckley is amazing! She's taken me from getting fit after losing 80lbs, to getting back in shape after knee replacements. I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to her! & her creativity during the Covid lockdowns - I couldn't believe I could work that hard with just a few bands!”
-Angi L.

Cincinnati Personal Training - Frequently Asked Questions

How Is PT Plus Different From Other Cincinnati Personal Trainers?
PT Plus Cincinnati personal training is unique because we provide a comprehensive and customized program that includes weekly check-ins, nutritional guidance, and access to our digital food log. We also have a team of personal trainers passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals.

What Are The Main Offerings?
PT Plus Cincinnati offers a variety of services that include personal training and nutrition coaching.

Is Fitness Or Nutrition More Important?
A healthy lifestyle requires both fitness and nutrition. Fitness can be achieved through Cincinnati personal training, while proper nutrition is vital to maintaining your gains.

I've Had Trouble With Diet And Exercise In The Past; How Can You Help?
All Cincinnati fitness enthusiasts face obstacles, whether it's lack of time or low motivation. Our trainers will help you overcome these challenges and motivate you to reach your goals.

What If I'm Unsure Of My Goals?
Not sure what your goals should be? That's okay! Our trainers will help you identify realistic fitness and nutrition goals that work for you.

Where Is PT Plus Wellness Located?
We are conveniently located near Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, and Oakley, 1/4 mile north of Beechmont Ave and Lunken Airport.

5210 Wooster Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45226

I’m Interested In Joining; What’s The Next Step?
Give PT Plus a call at 513-760-5674, or drop us a line via the contact form. We are more than happy to set you up with a consultation and get you on the road to fitness!

Are You Currently Hiring Personal Trainers?
Yes, we are always looking for Cincinnati personal trainers who share our passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals. So if you’re interested in becoming a trainer, please fill out our contact form and mention your interest, and we’ll get in contact with you accordingly.



Whenever you are ready to change your life for the better, get in touch with us through our contact form to get started. Looking for the latest news and updates from our team? You can also check us out and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

We are looking forward to helping you begin your life-changing journey in becoming the very best version of yourself you can be.

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